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Camp Intrepid 2016
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Camp Information

Camp Intrepid is the place to be during school breaks throughout the year! Join us at the Intrepid Museum for these fun-filled camps for children ages 5–13. At Camp Intrepid, children engage in themed activities and projects related to aviation, navigation and technology, inventions, engineering, construction, life at sea and more.

In the winter and spring, you can register for one day of camp, a few days or the entire week. It’s the perfect time to try Camp Intrepid, so bring a friend or look forward to making new ones!  

Also included in Camp Intrepid:

  • Healthy snacks are provided by the Intrepid Museum twice a day.
  • Each child receives a Camp Intrepid T-shirt and water bottle.
  • Special guests enrich the camp experience.

General information:

  • Camps take place from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Intrepid Museum, in our education spaces.
  • Early drop-off at 8:30am and late pick-up at 5:30pm are available.
  • Transportation to and from camp is the family’s responsibility.
  • Temporary parking can be arranged for easy drop-off and pick-up.
  • Lunch may be purchased in advance through the Intrepid Museum or sent from home. Camp Intrepid is a nut-free camp.

Click here to view a general Plan of the Day.

For those registering for one or more full weeks, there is a 10% discount available for siblings and those with a Family Membership to the Museum. Please be sure to indicate whether you qualify for these discounts when asked on the registration form to avoid being charged full price; discounted payments can only be made over the phone or by check.
Please note that registration is not considered complete and spots are not guaranteed until full payment is received. If paying by check or money order, full payment must be postmarked within two weeks of submitting the registration form or your child’s spot may be released.

Looking for something fun for your child in the summer? Register for the summer sessions of Camp Intrepid!

Camp Intrepid Winter/Spring 2016
Camp 2016 Dates
Kids Week Registration closed February 15-19
Engineering Join us during Kids Week at the Museum and tackle engineering challenges related to structure and design, form and function. Children will also have the chance to participate in special Kids Week activities.
Aviation Takes Flight Registration closed March 21-25
Aircraft and aviation have come a long way since the Wright Flyer. Explore the advances in technology that have enabled us to take flying to new heights. Discover how engineering has increased the speed of flight and improved fuel efficiency and why state-of-the-art navigation systems are essential in all aircraft.

City at Sea Registration closed

April 25-29

Explore our new exhibition City at Sea: USS Intrepid to discover the jobs of the 3,000 crew members who served on Intrepid at any one time. Learn the importance of teamwork and discipline, and go behind the scenes to find out what it takes to create an exhibition. Where do the artifacts come from? How do we take care of them? Who decides what to display? After meeting some of the Museum’s curators, design and create your own virtual exhibit using computer technology.


Pricing Information for Camp Intrepid Winter/Spring 2016:

Day rate: $150
Weekly rate: $675 for new campers, $607.50 for returning campers

For those registering for one or more full weeks, there is a 10% discount available for siblings and those with a Family Membership to the Museum. Please be sure to indicate whether you qualify for these discounts when asked on the registration form to avoid being charged full price; discounted payments can only be made over the phone or by check. 

Please note that registration is not considered complete and spots are not guaranteed until full payment is received. If paying by check or money order, full payment must be postmarked within two weeks of submitting the registration form or your child’s spot may be released.

Registration for winter and spring sessions of Camp Intrepid 2016 is now closed.


Calendar for Camp Intrepid Summer 2016

And don’t miss out on Camp Intrepid during the summer! Experience the same fun and excitement of our winter/spring camps, but choose from even more opportunities and dates! We are excited to offer the option to register by the day or by the week for selected sessions of Camp Intrepid. See below for details.

Pricing information for weekly sessions is listed after the camp descriptions.
Mission: Museum Registration closed June 27 – July 1  
Register by the day, at $150/day, or by the week.

Ever wonder where all the stories and stuff in museums comes from? Our campers will explore the collections of stuff, history and stories behind Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Older campers will create their own museum exhibits, and learn about archaeology and conservation of objects. Younger campers will find out what makes an object special enough to put in a museum while interpreting their own histories and artifacts using the artifacts of Intrepid to explore crewmen’s lives and make comparisons to their own. 
Around the World with Intrepid Registration closed July 5-8
Register by the day ONLY, at $150/day.

Full Steam Ahead! Campers dive into the world of transportation as they explore the places the USS Intrepid traveled to and different methods of travel. Campers have the opportunity to hop in an aircraft, explore a submarine, and examine spacecraft and will complete engineering challenges based on different types of transportation on display at the Museum. Using collaboration and communication skills, campers will create travel worthy vessels as they team up to “head” to a new country each day.
Star Trek: Calling all Cadets Registration closed July 11-15
Register by the week only.

Is your camper ready to explore new worlds and seek out new life? After visiting the Star Trek: the Starfleet Academy Experience, all campers will become cadets of Enterprise. Campers will explore alien life, share cultures across species and practice teamwork skills for traveling in space. Our older campers will even design new habitats for the planets they discover using 3D computer assisted design and printing to prototype their future homes.
Spy Science Registration closed July 18-22
Register by the week only.

Campers grab their magnifying glasses this week to solve the Mystery of the Missing Midshipman. Campers will explore the Museum to find out about the places aboard Intrepid where communication was key. Younger campers will earn their spy credentials through careful studies of secret codes, agility training, and the art of camouflage. Our older campers will gain the skills needed to crack the various conundrums facing them during the week, skills like Morse code, navigation, and fingerprint analysis. All campers will spend time in the pop-up planetarium to learn about nighttime navigation using the stars as their compass.
Deep Sea Exploration Registration closed July 25-29
Register by the week only.

What’s out there in the deep blue yonder, and how do we discover it? Campers will learn about the ebb and tides of the oceans, creatures living below, and the great explorers who have traveled the deep before. No trip to the deep ocean would be complete without a trip to the submarine Growler. Younger campers will recreate the creatures they’ll discover on their explorations, while our older campers will use computer assisted design and 3D printing to prototype their vehicle for traveling to the deep.
Intrepid Inventors Registration closed August 1-5
Register by the week only.

What’s the future of transportation? What will homes look like in 2080? What will schools look like on Mars? Campers will put their problem solving skills to the test with Inventors week. After learning about different military and NASA inventions, our younger campers will design, prototype and build their own invention for the future. Older campers will be given engineering challenges that they’ll have to think creatively in order to solve. Our oldest campers will think about how coding plays a part in inventions and consider how to invent their own computer game!
Star Trek: Intrepid Voyagers  Registration closed August 8-12
Register by the week only.

It’s time for your camper to go boldly where no camper has gone before! Campers will have the opportunity to become cadets of Enterprise with the Star Trek: the Starfleet Academy Experience. This week, campers will focus on solar systems and space travel. After exploring the skies in our pop-up planetarium, campers will create their own capsules to protect their astronaut when landing on a new planet!
Construction Registration closed August 15-19
Register by the week only.

Bridges, tunnels, and towers, oh my!  Our youngest campers will practice and improve their design and building skills to build their own utopia. But can camp-topia withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados? Given a design problem, our older campers are tasked with creating a model to solve the problem, testing and modifying it, and constructing the prototype using computer assisted design and our 3D printer.
Intrepid as Super Hero! Registration closed August 22-26
Register by the week only.

What makes a super hero? This week campers will find out how Intrepid and its crewmembers were like super heroes themselves. The campers will complete super hero training challenges, learn about constellations (and how some superheroes, like Hercules, earned the right to live in the stars), compare comic book heroes to the specs of Intrepid Museum’s aircraft, and create their own super hero costume. They might even have the chance to meet a veteran from Intrepid—one of the ship’s many heroes!
*Dates and themes subject to change.  
Pricing Information for Camp Intrepid Summer 2016:

Weekly Rates:

All campers: $800.00

Registration for summer sessions of Camp Intrepid 2016 is now closed!

What time does Camp start and end?
Camp begins at 9:00am every day and ends at 5:00pm. Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:30am and picked up no later than 5:30pm.
What if my child needs to leave earlier than 5:00pm?
Children who must leave before 5:00pm can be picked up at our early dismissal time of 3:30pm. Please notify us at morning check-in or send an email to us by noon that day.
Where do I drop my child off?
Children should be dropped off at West 46th Street and 12th Avenue in front of the Intrepid Museum, where they will be greeted by Camp Intrepid staff. All children must be accompanied by a guardian and checked in with a Camp Intrepid staff member.
Do you have parking?
Temporary parking, available only while dropping off or picking up your child, is available on 12th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. The entrance to the parking lot is located on the northbound side of 12th Avenue, across from the Museum.
Does the Camp provide lunch?

Campers are welcome to bring their own lunches, but if you wish to order lunch for your child, lunch order forms will be included in the welcome package sent to you after registration. Campers cannot buy their own lunches at the Museum, and campers will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave. Lunches are kept in our temperature-controlled classrooms.

Camp Intrepid is a nut-free camp.
How do I order lunch
Lunch is ordered in advance from a Museum vendor and delivered fresh every day. Lunch order forms will be sent to families after campers are registered. All lunches are nut-free.
Do you provide snacks during the camp day?
Nut-free snacks such as pretzels, popcorn, crackers, fruit cups and fruit bars are provided once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
What does my child do at Camp all day
A sample schedule is available here. Each day of camp varies and is subject to change. Projects and activities relate to the themes of the week and are tailored to the ages and interests of the campers.
What is the Exploreum?
The Exploreum  is a fully interactive exhibit space on the Museum’s hangar deck. The Exploreum features interactive exhibits designed specifically for children and families. Exhibits focus on the Intrepid Museum’s main themes of water, air, space and life at sea. At the start of the day, campers have the unique opportunity to interact with these exhibits before the Museum opens to the public.
Will my child receive any camp items?
Yes. Each week campers receive a new Camp Intrepid shirt and water bottle. Campers receive their shirts and bottles on Monday, but because the shirts are used to identify campers at the Museum and the water bottles are used throughout the week, these items are usually not brought home until Friday or the child’s last day of camp.
More questions?
Please contact us at camp@intrepidmuseum.org or (646) 381-5166 for further information.