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Public Events Calendar
Public Events Calendar
January 1st 2014 - December 31st 2016
Guided Tours

Guided Tours   Guided Tours

The Intrepid Museum is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of history, science and service as it relates to its home aboard USS Intrepid, a National Historic Landmark. Join the Museum’s tour guides for a variety of tours that are offered throughout the week.

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January 1st 2015 - December 31st 2016
Education Demonstrations

Education Programs   Education Demonstrations

Poof! Life in a Vacuum
Weekdays at 3:30pm, Weekends at 11:30am and 3:30pm in the Space Shuttle Pavilion
Learn just how important the Earth's atmosphere is and why astronauts need to wear those big, heavy space suits. Using a bell jar and vacuum pump, Intrepid Educators will mimic the vacuum of space. Participants will first predict, then discover what happens to various objects when they are exposed to a vacuum and then make the extension to how the human body would react to the vacuum of space. (Don't worry, nothing gross!)

Blast Off! Launching the Space Shuttles
Every Day at 1:30pm in the Space Shuttle Pavilion
Traveling at 17,500 miles per hour in a space shuttle takes some science, engineering and a whole lot of rocket fuel. In this interactive demonstration, Museum educators launch air-powered rockets and use Newton’s laws of motion to explore the history and future of rocket propulsion.

Helicopters: How Do Those Things Fly?
Weekdays at 2:00pm on the Hangar Deck
Helicopters are amazing flying machines, but how do they stay in the air? Using computer-generated models and hands-on demonstrations, Museum educators demystify how helicopters can fly in any direction.


October 16th 2015 - October 2nd 2017
On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War

On the Line: Intrepid & the Vietnam War   On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War
Exhibition Now Open!

The Intrepid Museum’s new exhibition On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War explores the events and impact of the Vietnam War through the lens of Intrepid’s history. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the war, the exhibition offers a site-specific immersion into an important chapter of American history. The legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid served three tours of duty in Vietnam between 1966 and 1969. Set within the very spaces where men lived and served, the exhibition focuses on the experiences of Intrepid and its crew “on the line”—the periods when the ship was active in the Gulf of Tonkin, launching aircraft for missions over mainland Vietnam. The exhibition includes artifacts, photographs and film clips from the Museum’s collection, many of which will be on display for the first time.

Bank of America is generously providing free Museum admission to U.S. active military, retired military and veterans. Proper ID is requested, and tickets may only be obtained at the Museum Box Office.

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November 1st 2015 - December 31st 2016
Tour Guide Talks

Tour Guide Talks   Tour Guide Talks

The Intrepid Museum’s Tour Guide Talks reveal the fascinating stories behind our artifacts and exhibits. Get swept up in tales of human ingenuity and heroic service, and gain greater insight into history during these 15-minute presentations by our highly trained, knowledgeable tour guides. Each month, the lineup of Tour Guide Talks is updated to relate to important dates or historical events. Tour Guide Talks take place daily in the hangar deck and Space Shuttle Pavilion, and all talks are open to the public and free with admission. Ask at the Information Desk for exact times and locations.

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May 13th - December 4th 2016
New Exhibit: Shuttlecraft Galileo

New Exhibit: Shuttlecraft Galileo   New Exhibit: Shuttlecraft Galileo

See Galileo, the shuttlecraft that carried the crew of starship USS Enterprise to other planets in Star Trek: The Original Series. This life-size prop debuted in the episode “The Galileo Seven” in 1967—the first time a shuttlecraft appeared on the show. Though the fictional Galileo did not survive the episode, the prop lived on. The shuttlecraft is now on display in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, alongside the space shuttle Enterprise.


Free with admission to the Space Shuttle Pavilion.


August 27th & 28th
Intrepid Adventure: Splashdown!

Splashdown!   Intrepid Adventure: Splashdown! 

August 27 and 28, 2016 

Sometimes you just need to slow down—especially when you’re plummeting to Earth after a trip to outer space. In this out-of-this-world workshop, you’ll learn about Intrepid’s role in the Space Race and then drop parachutes to see how space capsules came back down to Earth safely.

Free with admission, but registration is required.

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September 3rd
Special Q & A with Astronaut Kjell Lindgren

Special Q & A with Astronaut Kjell Lindgren   Special Q & A with Astronaut Kjell Lindgren

September 3, 2016

Bring your questions for a special Q & A with NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, who recently returned from a five-month mission in space. Kjell will discuss life in space, his fascinating experiments on the International Space Station and how Star Trek inspired his career.

Free with Museum admission. Seating is first-come, first-served.

Saturday, September 3

Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater


September 9th
College Freshmen Night

College Freshmen Night   College Freshmen Night

Friday, September 9th

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum will be hosting a free night for college freshmen! Grab a friend and stop by the Museum for an evening on Intrepid’s picturesque Flight Deck, including admission into the Space Shuttle Pavilion. The night will be themed around all things outer space, with interactive activities , team trivia, a live performance  by Fancy Colors, demonstrations, photo booth, raffle, gallery walks and more.

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September 10th
Astro Café

Astro Café   Astro Café

September 10, 2016

Join us for a special Astro Café about all things Star Trek, featuring Astronomy on Tap and a talk by Andrew Fazekas, author of Star Trek: The Official Guide to Our Universe.
Andrew Fazekas, known as the Night Sky Guy, is a science writer, broadcaster and lecturer who shares his passion for the wonders of the universe. He authors the popular online weekly column StarStruck for National Geographic and is a syndicated space news contributor on radio and television. He is also an active member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada who has over 30 years of sky-watching experience. His book Star Trek: The Official Guide to Our Universe explores the real science of the popular science fiction series.
Copies of Fazekas’s book will be available for purchase and signing follow the presentation.

Doors open at 6:45. Presentation begins at 7:30pm. Stargazing is weather permitting.

To learn more and to register, click here.