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Education Demonstrations
Date: January 1st

Education Programs   Education Demonstrations

Poof! Life in a Vacuum
Weekdays at 3:30pm, Weekends at 11:30am and 3:30pm in the Space Shuttle Pavilion
Learn just how important the Earth's atmosphere is and why astronauts need to wear those big, heavy space suits. Using a bell jar and vacuum pump, Intrepid Educators will mimic the vacuum of space. Participants will first predict, then discover what happens to various objects when they are exposed to a vacuum and then make the extension to how the human body would react to the vacuum of space. (Don't worry, nothing gross!)

Blast Off! Launching the Space Shuttles
Every Day at 1:30pm in the Space Shuttle Pavilion
Traveling at 17,500 miles per hour in a space shuttle takes some science, engineering and a whole lot of rocket fuel. In this interactive demonstration, Museum educators launch air-powered rockets and use Newton’s laws of motion to explore the history and future of rocket propulsion.

Helicopters: How Do Those Things Fly?
Weekdays at 2:00pm on the Hangar Deck
Helicopters are amazing flying machines, but how do they stay in the air? Using computer-generated models and hands-on demonstrations, Museum educators demystify how helicopters can fly in any direction.