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Q&A with Public Service Broadcasting
Posted: 7/11/2016 12:50:06 PM

Q: How did you meet and form Public Service Broadcasting?

A: It started off in 2009 as just a solo venture really, something to amuse myself and keep myself busy, but now we’re somewhere between a three and four piece. I met Wrigglesworth at a local baking course – we bonded over a love of scones. JFAbraham claims to have met Wrigglesworth in 2012 when they were both training for the UK Olympics badminton team, although neither made the cut. I’ve never seen either of them play badminton so I’m not sure if that story is true.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your latest album, The Race for Space?

A: I wanted to write an album documenting the golden age of manned space exploration. I think it’s the most fascinating period of modern history – it has everything, whether it’s political, technological or even the human elements. Making sure both sides were equally represented was important as I feel that western history has tended to brush over the major Soviet achievements; I felt balance was a very important factor. And I was also motivated by the seemingly ever-more-prevalent cynicism surrounding the Apollo missions and the conspiracy theories that abound; I find it very depressing that a lot of people, with a bare minimum of research, have convinced themselves that one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments didn’t even happen. How typical of the human race. It’s especially bad amongst younger people, so this was us pushing back against that.

Q: What is your favorite song from The Race for Space?

A: It’s probably Go!, just because it’s so fast and fun to play live. It seems to have turned into a bit of a singalong, which is unlikely when you consider it started from a series of Go / No-go calls in mission control!

Q: We’re excited to have you perform in our Space Shuttle Pavilion, under NASA’s first space shuttle Enterprise, on July 15-16. Have you ever seen a space shuttle in person before?

A: I think I have, when I was about 8 and we went to Florida – I have a dim recollection of seeing a Saturn V and possibly a space shuttle. I was too young to appreciate it though, even if that recollection is vaguely accurate!

Q: What would you like new audiences to know about your live performances before they attend your concerts on July 15-16?

A: It’s not a history lesson – there won’t be a quiz at the end, it’s much more about entertainment and celebrating the good things that mankind has done and the leaps that we’ve made together, while also touching on some of the darker elements of human history. It’s a really musically engaging, fun, occasionally funny show I think, and we really hope to see some of you there. After all, you don’t get to play under a space shuttle very often!





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