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Honor an American military service person's contribution to our nation through
the Seats of Honor naming program.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum dedicates Seats of Honor in the Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater to American veterans and members of the military. Every American who has served our country is a guardian of freedom and a vital part of our national history. We recognize their service, we commemorate their sacrifice, and we honor them for defending our treasured way of life.

Since 2011, we have been able to share 170 incredible stories through the Seats of Honor program. Stories of our veterans and their families. Stories of mothers, sons, sisters and brothers. Stories of friendship, of love and of loss. These stories are permanently woven into the heart of the Intrepid Museum, with these Seats of Honor standing as a reminder of the importance of duty, sacrifice and service.

Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, family members travel from around the country, squadrons reunite, and former crew members gather to pay tribute to these honorees and their shared legacy. It is with gratitude that we honor these remarkable Americans.

All seats in the Lutnick Theater have been dedicated. Stay connected with the Museum to be the first to know about the next tribute program at the Museum.
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The Anderson family gathers to honor former crew member, Bob Anderson. Veterans Day 2013 Honorees Honoree Bill Poarch recalls his service. Memorial Day 2014 Honorees and family members. Trisa Summers dedicates a Seat in honor of her father, Robert Tocalino. The inscribed brass plaque will be permanently displayed for generations to come. Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater Memorial Day 2013 Honorees Honoree Ben St. John celebrates with family at a reception after the dedication ceremony.
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