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Hangar Deck
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The Hardware and Humanity of Intrepid

Intrepid's hangar deck exhibition space is unique among historic ships. Visitors can follow the deck’s two separate paths: explore Intrepid's technology on the port (left) side, and celebrate the people who lived and worked on the ship on the starboard (right) side. The Museum's permanent exhibition brings to life the powerful history of the aircraft carrier. Examine original artifacts, view historic video footage and explore interactive exhibits that trace Intrepid's U.S. Navy career from 1943 to the present. Special exhibition galleries, also located on the hangar deck, feature temporary exhibitions.
Third Deck and Gallery Deck
Kamikaze   Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire

An immersive multimedia experience reveals the history and impact of kamikazes. Through firsthand accounts and artifacts from the United States and Japan, learn about the young men on both sides of the devastating attacks.


Intrepid's historic fo'c'sle, the forward-most part of the ship, has been fully restored and is open to visitors for the first time. In the anchor chain room, visitors get an up-close look at the massive chains that hold Intrepid's anchors. Also open to the public are the dormitory-style accommodations for junior officers and two-man staterooms for higher-ranking officers.
  The Story of Intrepid Movie

The Story of the Intrepid is an 8-minute film that chronicles the history of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and its crew. Dramatic archival footage and personal interviews with former crew members help bring to life Intrepid's story, from the commissioning during World War II to its current role as a museum.
  The Exploreum

The Exploreum is a fully interactive exhibit space in the Museum's hangar deck, designed especially for families and kids of all ages. It is one of the most visited areas of the ship, encouraging visitors to climb in an actual Bell 47 helicopter, navigate through an interactive submarine and steer the wings of an airplane.