Oral History Project

Since 2013, the Oral History Project has collected stories of those who served on board the historic aircraft carrier Intrepid from 1943 to 1974, as well as those associated with the submarine Growler, the space shuttle orbiter Enterprise and the supersonic airliner Concorde.

Sailor in the engine room of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid fixes his gaze on the gauges in front of him.
History Through Storytelling

A core component of the Museum’s collections, our oral histories continue to be used to help educate generations of visitors. Through vividly depicted triumphs, tragedies and even occasional comedies, they infuse passion and humanity into the various technologies on display.

For more information about the Oral History Project, including research requests, please contact us using the link below. Reproductions of any materials in this database must be approved in advance.

The Intrepid Museum Oral History Project is generously supported by James L. Nederlander.

Image of Joseph Barry
Joseph Barry

Intrepid radioman, 1943–1946
Joseph Barry describes getting caught listening to music on the job.

Image of Bernard St. John
Bernard St. John

Intrepid aviator, squadron VT-18, 1944
Ben St. John describes torpedoing a Japanese minelayer, earning him the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Image of Raymond Stone
Raymond Stone

Intrepid radarman, 1943–1945
Ray Stone talks about the first time he saw USS Intrepid.

Image of Peter Weiland
Peter Weiland

Intrepid aviator, squadron VAW-12, 1958–1959
Pete Weiland remembers getting caught in a dangerous inverted spin.

Image of Larry Blackburn
Larry Blackburn

Intrepid senior medical officer, 1965–1967
Larry Blackburn recalls a man overboard call that turned tragic.

Image of Robert Owens
Robert Owens

Growler commanding officer, 1960–1963
Robert Owens describes the procedures for launching a Regulus I nuclear missile from Growler.

Image of Cornelius Brown
Cornelius Brown

Growler engineman, 1958–1960
Cornelius Brown remembers a swim call being disrupted by sharks.

Image of Leslie Scott
Leslie Scott

Concorde pilot, 1994–2002
Leslie Scott describes flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean in a workday.

Image of Charles Bolden
Charles Bolden

NASA Administrator, 2009–2017
Charles Bolden remembers the person who inspired him to join the Space Shuttle Program.

Archival photo of men playing volleyball on the flight deck with words painted behind them that say "Beware of Propellers"
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Former Crew Members

Our former crew member community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are honored to preserve their legacy for future generations. Whether donating incredible artifacts or speaking with young people about their experiences, they continue to serve and make an impact.


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