In loving memory of Richard "Dick" Truly

In Loving Memory of Richard "Dick" Truly

Mar 01, 2024 - 4:44pm

A visionary whose journey from the decks of USS Intrepid to the reaches of space has left an indelible mark on history. As one of the pilots of Enterprise, the prototype space shuttle orbiter now proudly showcased at the Intrepid Museum, Truly embodied the spirit of exploration and innovation. He would go on to pilot the space shuttle Columbia, and was commander of the space shuttle Challenger, during the first night launch and landing. In 1989, he was named as the eighth NASA Administrator. Beyond Truly’s achievements in space, his tenure as president of the Intrepid Museum exemplified his commitment to preserving the history and bravery of all who served aboard Intrepid for future generations. Today, as we remember Richard "Dick" Truly, we honor his three decades of service in the U.S. Navy, as well as his legacy as a space pioneer, a leader and an American hero.

A man and woman read an exhibit panel on Intrepid's flight deck while their child points at the propeller of an aircraft.

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