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Meet Drew Brockington: a Conversation with the Author of CatStronauts
Posted: 1/30/2020 4:59:21 PM

Drew Brockington is the author of CatStronauts, a popular series of children’s graphic novels about the adventures of a team of feline astronauts who tackle real scientific issues. Izzy Ginsburg, a nine-year-old CatStronauts fan and Intrepid Museum member, had a few questions of her own for Brockington.

Izzy Ginsburg Why did you pick cats to be the astronauts?
Drew Brockington CatStronauts started as a drawing in my sketchbook of a cat in an astronaut suit. I really liked the drawing, so I kept drawing more of them. Before I knew it, I was starting to make stories for all of my space-cat drawings.
Izzy Ginsburg Do you have a cat?
Drew Brockington I’m allergic to cats. But drawing them is the next best thing to having one!
Izzy Ginsburg My favorite character is Pom Pom. Which is your favorite?
Drew Brockington I really like CatStroBot. I really enjoy writing satires about a robot that can’t tell a joke.
Izzy Ginsburg How did you pick the names Pom Pom, Major, and Waffles?
Drew Brockington Pom Pom, Blanket, and Waffles were all chosen from a list of good pet names. Major Meowser was given to me by my brother. He made a stuffed animal of a CatStronaut, and called it Major Meowser. I thought the name was too good not to use.
Izzy Ginsburg Why did you choose to write a graphic novel instead of a chapter book?
Drew Brockington I’ve been making comics since I was in the fifth grade. When I got a chance to have a book published, making a graphic novel seemed like the right choice for me.
Izzy Ginsburg In the third book, the telescope is named Hubba Bubba. Is that a joke about the Hubble telescope and the bubble gum?
Drew Brockington It was a joke about the Hubble Telescope. I didn’t know there was a gum called “Hubba Bubba!” My editor and I had a long discussion about if we needed to change the name, but in the end he said it was okay to use.
Izzy Ginsburg There’s a lot of science in the stories, especially when characters talk about meteor showers and Earth being in danger. Did you do any research to make sure what the cats are saying could be true?
Drew Brockington Every CatStronauts story is inspired by actual science. I like to say that the books are my “love letter to NASA.” When I sit down to write a new book, I look at the missions that NASA has completed in the past, and what they are trying to accomplish in the future. I use those subjects as a starting point and build my stories around that. Of course, there are a lot of liberties taken with the science. We don’t have a space ship that can cruise to Jupiter…. yet.
Izzy Ginsburg How do you know so much about space?
Drew Brockington I love space! And I love reading about it. I still remember choosing to stay in from recess in the second grade and watch the space shuttle launch. It was to coolest thing to see those astronauts fly into orbit. That has stuck with me throughout my life. I love following NASA and finding out what we are hoping to discover next.

  Guests who attend Kids Week on Sunday, February 16, and
February 17, will have the exciting opportunity to attend a CatStronauts reading by the author. There, Brockington will explain
how the past, present and future of NASA continues to inspire the
series, with a book sale and signing to follow.
Take a look at the full Kids Week schedule here! ❱



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