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EXHIBITIONKamikaze: Beyond the Fire
Kamikaze: Beyond the Fire
Now Open

An immersive multimedia experience reveals the history and impact of kamikazes. Through firsthand accounts and artifacts from the United States and Japan, learn about the young men on both sides of the devastating attacks. Free with Museum admission. Learn more.
EXHIBITIONNavy Cakes: A Slice of History
Navy Cakes: A Slice of History
Open through March 2021

Dig in to our new exhibition that showcases these epic sweets and the hard work of the sailors who created them. Explore recipes, photos, artifacts and oral histories that tell the stories of the elaborate confections baked onboard Intrepid and Growler. Learn more.
EXHIBITIONA View from the Deep
A View from the Deep:
The Submarine Growler & the Cold War
Explore the history of the USS Growler—one of America’s first nuclear-missile submarines—in the context of the Cold War.
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On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War
Intrepid served three tours of duty in Vietnam from 1966–1969. This exhibition explores the events and impact of the Vietnam War through the lens of Intrepid’s history.
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ONLINE PROGRAM / FAMILYIntrepid Adventures
Intrepid Adventures: Journey to Space
April 20, 3:00pm–4:00pm

Viewers will get a tour of the Space Shuttle Pavilion, home of the space shuttle Enterprise. A Museum educator will discuss the Mercury-Atlas 7 and Gemini III missions that occurred during the Space Race, including Intrepid's role as the primary recovery vessel for both NASA missions. Viewers will learn about the vacuum of space and why astronauts need spacecraft and spacesuits when they venture into Earth’s orbit and beyond.
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ONLINE PROGRAM / FAMILYIntrepid Adventures
Intrepid Adventures: Codebreakers!
April 22, 3:00pm–4:00pm

Viewers will learn about Naval communication by examining artifacts from Intrepid in its time of service. Testing their wits, viewers will have the opportunity to take a stab at decoding, and will learn to construct their own coded messages!
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ONLINE PROGRAM / FAMILYAircraft of the Month
Aircraft of the Month
April 26, 3:00pm–4:00pm

Join the Museum’s Curator of Aviation Eric Boehm as he dives into one of our amazing aircrafts with you. Eric will break down the history, science and technology of the aircraft while taking questions from you.
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ONLINE PROGRAM / FAMILYIntrepid Adventures
Intrepid Adventures: Jobs on Deck
April 27, 3:00pm–4:00pm

With 3,200 sailors aboard Intrepid, it’s no wonder it was called a “city at sea!” Living on a naval ship proved to be both challenging and exciting. Learn more about what it was like to live aboard Intrepid during this immersive experience! Viewers will articulate the purpose of an aircraft carrier and identify at least three crew member jobs held during Intrepid's time of service. They will be taught the many ways in which life aboard Intrepid differed from life on land, and some of the adjustments sailors made to improve life aboard.
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Aircraft Restoration LIVE
April 28, 1:00pm–2:00pm

Go behind the scenes with the aircraft restoration team on the latest project.
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ONLINE PROGRAM / FAMILYIntrepid Adventures
Intrepid Adventures: Intrepid Women
April 29, 3:00pm–4:00pm

Women have made a significant impact on the air & space industry: from the dawn of flight, through wartime efforts, and even as pioneers in the space industry! Hear the stories of some of these brave, unsung women who paved the way for gender equality in their fields, and discover the impact their work has had on the next generation of women in STEM!
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