Aircraft Carrier Intrepid

Commissioned in 1943, Aircraft Carrier Intrepid survived five Kamikaze attacks and a torpedo strike during WWII. The aircraft carrier later served in the Cold War, Vietnam War and as a NASA recovery vessel.

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Let Your Imagination Soar

On the flight deck, Intrepid launched propeller planes during WWII, fighter jets in Vietnam and helicopters that recovered NASA astronauts. It now holds a vast collection of historic aircraft and our Space Shuttle Pavilion, which houses the space shuttle Enterprise.

Intrepid’s Island

Start at “vulture’s row” where the crew watched flight operations before taking in Intrepid's amazing length while getting an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. Then, lead the way on the navigation bridge and learn how crew members navigated the oceans in any weather as you explore chart tables, radar consoles, communications equipment, the captain’s quarters and more.

Intrepid’s island rises high above an aircraft parked on the ship's flight deck
Restoration and Preservation

The process of restoring our aircraft can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as complicated as manufacturing entire aircraft components from scratch. Our Aircraft Restoration Team, along with a dedicated crew of volunteers, invest thousands of hours taking care of our planes from daily maintenance and research to major overhauls and repairs. Their work ensures that these historic aircraft will be around to inspire visitors for years to come.

Aircraft restoration specialist working on an F-16 aircraft located at the Restoration Hangar at the Intrepid Flight Deck.
Humanity Behind the Hardware

Explore Intrepid's technology and learn about the people who lived and worked aboard the aircraft carrier. Examine original artifacts, view historic video footage and explore interactive exhibits that trace Intrepid’s naval career from 1943 to today.


The Exploreum is a fully interactive exhibit space thoughtfully designed for families and kids of all ages. Climb into a Bell 47 helicopter, navigate through an interactive submarine, lay in a sailor’s bunk and more—all with unlimited photo ops.

Two children play inside an interactive model of the ship's navigation bridge
Life On Intrepid

The third deck features fully restored spaces that reveal daily life for the ship’s enlisted sailors. See the mess deck, including the kitchen, dining areas and various berthing areas, and imagine what it was like to eat and sleep on board.

Mess Deck

The mess deck is where Intrepid's enlisted crew members ate their meals. The mess, or dining area, has been restored to its original appearance after a massive remodeling in 1969. The vibrant decor—complete with custom paint colors, colorful textiles and Western-themed props—is unique to Intrepid.

Kitchen in the mess deck
Educational Resources

Learning can always be fun—and the Intrepid Museum offers a wide range of digital resources to support educators, parents and students as they explore the history and the events that have shaped where we are today.

Intrepid Museum Educator with a group of kids in front of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
Program participants are in a room looking at artifacts with a Museum educator.
Fun Ahead
Our Programs

We offer a number of different programs and events that celebrate history, science, technology and engineering in fun and exciting ways.

Archival photo of the Growler
Look Closer
Explore Our Collections

Browse records from all four categories of our collections: objects, media, archives and oral histories. Explore thematic and item-specific groupings or uncover personal artifacts like uniforms, souvenirs and images.


A family looks at the space shuttle Enterprise from an elevated viewing platform inside the Space Shuttle Pavilion

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