The Growler submarine
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Submarine Growler

As the only American nuclear missile submarine open to the public, Growler offers a firsthand look at life aboard a submarine and the once "top-secret" missile command center with available access as it was used during operations.

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Crew's Mess

Enlisted men ate in the crew's mess (or dining room) while crew members played games and watched movies in this space to relax. Next to the crew's mess was the galley, a tiny kitchen where Growler's cooks prepared all of the crew's meals.

The crew's mess (or dining room)
Aft Torpedo Room

Growler had two torpedo rooms located at the bow (front) and stern (back) of the submarine. The torpedoes were intended for self-defense, and the room contained nine bunks for enlisted crew members.

A torpedo on the Growler
Archival photo of the Growler
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